mitAllows you to hand responsibility completely over to Patmo Technologies and free up the time of your key people.

The range of responsibilities for someone in charge of IT is vast and presents a large demand on time for that person. For example, if an office manager is responsible for IT at their company, they will not only need to speak with Patmo Technologies for IT support, but they will also have to work with the ISP, software vendors like Sage, building management, domain hosts, telephone companies like BT, and a wide variety of other businesses.

At the end of the day dealing with all of these organisations takes a lot of time and it requires a particular skill set when trying to resolve a technical problem. For this need, we have created our Managed Service offering, whereby Patmo Technologies, in addition to providing you Standard IT Support, also provides technical management of your third parties and software. This allows you to hand responsibility completely over to us and free up the time of your key people.

We will manage your technical third parties and become the point of contact between you and your technology providers for resolving problems. This makes things much easier for our clients. Instead of having to call helpdesks, try and log support issues, be given sometimes inaccurate advice or procedures, you can instead call us and we will handle everything.

Many times issues are difficult to identify. It is hard to know exactly what is causing the problem. Is it the internet line? Is it the computer? Is it the program? This is a headache when each area means dealing with a separate company, a lot of the time you can be speaking with 3-4 people just trying to pinpoint the issue.
Our Managed Service is ideal for any company who wants to have one business responsible for all ICT third parties to manage them all. This makes reporting issues a simple task, and due to our skills, problems are resolved quickly.